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Sweetish Baby's newest "thing"- baby-shower-gift-in-a-bag!  Included are the following items:
A personalized "gift bag"- that will double as a travel tote.  The decorative bow is an actual hairbow.

A personalized onesie- you name it, you got it.  A name, initials,cute adjective, birthday, zodiac sign.  :)

3 coordinating bows- they will coordinate with the gift bag, the onesie, and the taggie blankie (pictured below). These are medium sized bows- approximately 3 inches wide.

And it's not a Sweetish Baby product if it doesn't include our signature contemporary minky/satin taggie blankie. Also personalized.  :)
I made this prototype for our A-M-A-Z-I-N-G photographer, Rob Milton (out of Katy, TX), that took our family portraits this past weekend- and his gorgeous pregnant wife Ella, who is a pastry chef posing as a high school teacher.  :)   I'll post them to our Sweetish Baby on Etsy very soon!

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  1. Best Taggie EVER!!!! I shrieked with glee as I opened the bag and I cannot wait for her to wear these bows. LOVE LOVE LOVE this. Your talent amazes me! I'm so glad you took pics first. Rob was asking me if we needed to take product photos to send to you so you could post them on your Etsy page.