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Glam Girl Gift Set

New gift sets available!  This one is for you glam baby girl.  Visit HERE for the complete listing on Etsy.  (Want a little less expensive version, minus one onesie and bow?  Try THIS one.)

Monogrammed gift bag- that doubles as a travel tote.

I'm dying over these bow socks.  Dying!  Visit HERE for the listing of just this mini-gift set!

Paci clip in the bottom right corner-

Everything included!


NEW: Jungle Animal Gift-In-A-Bag!

Finally, a baby-shower-gift-in-a-bag for a BOY!  This one is jungle themed- but I've also made a few simply based on the colors of the baby's nursery.  View the complete listing HERE!

This gift set includes a monogrammed gift tote, 2 jungle animal onesies (hand dyed in the color of your choice), a tie onesie, and a giraffe taggie.

Softest brown dot minky, backed with smooth giraffe patterned satin.  A girafffe is appliqued on the top, opposite of the pacifier clip.  A name may also be monogrammed.

Tiger onesie- in a casual gray.

Monkey onesie- in a contemporary teal.

And, it wouldn't be Sweetish Baby without the handstitched tie onesie!  Initial monogram included in the price.
Jungle Animal Applique Options:

Onesie sizes available:
*0-3 mo
*3-6 mo
*6-12 mo
*need a different size?  Just let us know!

Other colors available for the onesies:
-pea green


Updated Fabric Options

Here are the most up-to-date fabric choices we offer for any appliques, ties, or gift bag totes. 

Note: This does *not* include the minky and satin fabrics we have available for the taggie blankies- just convo us at our Etsy shop, or leave us a comment at the bottom of this post if you are interested in a custom taggie!

Disclaimer: I apologize for the terribly unprofessional snapshots of the fabrics- my camera batteries are dead, and I needed to check this off of my to-do list... so I opted to use my cell phone!



Sweetish Baby's newest "thing"- baby-shower-gift-in-a-bag!  Included are the following items:
A personalized "gift bag"- that will double as a travel tote.  The decorative bow is an actual hairbow.

A personalized onesie- you name it, you got it.  A name, initials,cute adjective, birthday, zodiac sign.  :)

3 coordinating bows- they will coordinate with the gift bag, the onesie, and the taggie blankie (pictured below). These are medium sized bows- approximately 3 inches wide.

And it's not a Sweetish Baby product if it doesn't include our signature contemporary minky/satin taggie blankie. Also personalized.  :)
I made this prototype for our A-M-A-Z-I-N-G photographer, Rob Milton (out of Katy, TX), that took our family portraits this past weekend- and his gorgeous pregnant wife Ella, who is a pastry chef posing as a high school teacher.  :)   I'll post them to our Sweetish Baby on Etsy very soon!