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Man Cave turned Craft Cave

Anyone who saw this post a few weeks ago, knows that my sewing room was in desperate need of some attention.  It was THAT kid in Wal-Mart. The one with disheveled hair, no shoes, mosquito bites on her arms, and an attitude that makes Joe Dirt cringe.  Yes, I had a white trash sewing room.  

Yet I am marketing my things as "delicious baby accessories hand crafted in contemporary styles and stimulating textures."  Kind of an oxymoron.  I needed the office (now craft room-- poor hubs) to reflect what I'm going for, here.  

So, our Christmas gift to each other was a nice, crispy new office! And a crispy new Apple computer and a masculine(ish) desk for it all to compensate the hubs for giving up his dreams of a "man cave."  

So, without further adieu... enjoy!
I adore my teal pegboard!  I just spray painted it with 2 coats of Valspar primer, and then used 2-3 coats of Valspar teal (matte).  It ended up being 2 cans of primer and 2 cans of teal.  The thread, ribbon, and etc items are placed on various pegboard hooks from Lowe's.

I am in love with this desk- you can find it (in pieces) here, at Office Max- Brenton Studio Collection. I also ADORE my sewing machine, the Brother SE 400- it's as inexpensive as you can find (that will embroider and monogram and connect to your PC).  I found it on Amazon.

You name the color, I've got it.  Except hunter green.  Blech.

Did I mentioned we got a new Apple?  I am loving iPhoto's "edge blur" option.. :)

I have accepted that this is as tidy as my shelves will ever be.  I just have too.  much.  stuff.  But a little edge blur action is just what the doctor ordered!

My husband's 27 inch monitor that he had to have.  Oh, look! I'm reading Sweetish Baby's blog!
There you go!  I love it- it's where I'm writing you from as we speak.



Glam Girl Gift Set

New gift sets available!  This one is for you glam baby girl.  Visit HERE for the complete listing on Etsy.  (Want a little less expensive version, minus one onesie and bow?  Try THIS one.)

Monogrammed gift bag- that doubles as a travel tote.

I'm dying over these bow socks.  Dying!  Visit HERE for the listing of just this mini-gift set!

Paci clip in the bottom right corner-

Everything included!


NEW: Jungle Animal Gift-In-A-Bag!

Finally, a baby-shower-gift-in-a-bag for a BOY!  This one is jungle themed- but I've also made a few simply based on the colors of the baby's nursery.  View the complete listing HERE!

This gift set includes a monogrammed gift tote, 2 jungle animal onesies (hand dyed in the color of your choice), a tie onesie, and a giraffe taggie.

Softest brown dot minky, backed with smooth giraffe patterned satin.  A girafffe is appliqued on the top, opposite of the pacifier clip.  A name may also be monogrammed.

Tiger onesie- in a casual gray.

Monkey onesie- in a contemporary teal.

And, it wouldn't be Sweetish Baby without the handstitched tie onesie!  Initial monogram included in the price.
Jungle Animal Applique Options:

Onesie sizes available:
*0-3 mo
*3-6 mo
*6-12 mo
*need a different size?  Just let us know!

Other colors available for the onesies:
-pea green


Updated Fabric Options

Here are the most up-to-date fabric choices we offer for any appliques, ties, or gift bag totes. 

Note: This does *not* include the minky and satin fabrics we have available for the taggie blankies- just convo us at our Etsy shop, or leave us a comment at the bottom of this post if you are interested in a custom taggie!

Disclaimer: I apologize for the terribly unprofessional snapshots of the fabrics- my camera batteries are dead, and I needed to check this off of my to-do list... so I opted to use my cell phone!



Sweetish Baby's newest "thing"- baby-shower-gift-in-a-bag!  Included are the following items:
A personalized "gift bag"- that will double as a travel tote.  The decorative bow is an actual hairbow.

A personalized onesie- you name it, you got it.  A name, initials,cute adjective, birthday, zodiac sign.  :)

3 coordinating bows- they will coordinate with the gift bag, the onesie, and the taggie blankie (pictured below). These are medium sized bows- approximately 3 inches wide.

And it's not a Sweetish Baby product if it doesn't include our signature contemporary minky/satin taggie blankie. Also personalized.  :)
I made this prototype for our A-M-A-Z-I-N-G photographer, Rob Milton (out of Katy, TX), that took our family portraits this past weekend- and his gorgeous pregnant wife Ella, who is a pastry chef posing as a high school teacher.  :)   I'll post them to our Sweetish Baby on Etsy very soon!


My Desperate Sewing Room.

Ugh, my sewing room needs a make-over!  Since I'm pretty new to this whole sewing thing, I'm currently using our home office (especially because my machine hooks up to the computer for most of the fonts that I use for monogramming and appliqueing, etc)- which was already boring in the first place.  Now it's just intolerably cluttered (which is NOT like me) and boring. 
Have a look-
 I re-did our master bedroom this summer (see the finished product HERE)... and I think I shall move this sewing room to the top of my wish list of rooms to re-vamp.  This eHow article provides several useful tips in utilizing every square inch in small spaces (ie: half of a home office!)

And, while we're at it- here are some inspiration pictures I'm feelin'-
Now THIS is organized!

So fresh feeling.

If nothing else, I WILL create this pegboard. 

Another awesome pegboard. 


Coming Soon: Boutique Bows!

Working on perfecting my bow, and then a door to a whole new world (coordinating onesies, bows, bibs, baby legs, oh my!) will be opened!  Here's my first try- not too shabby, if I might say so myself!!!
Please excuse the amateur photography- taken with my cell phone at 9pm...


New and Improved: Interchangeable Ties

The ties that you will receive with your Interchangeable Tie Onesie order will now be adorned with a "tag" on the back, just like on Daddy's ties.  :)

New and Improved: Sweetish Baby Loveys

We've tweaked the original design of the taggie-loveys!  They will now include a pacifier clip, created from one of the textured ribbons lining the edges.  Attached will be a ring that can also be utilized as a stroller or toy clip.

I think it's so sweet that this blankie was ordered for a "Dex"... I love when I hear names similar to my little "Dax"!


Alphabet Typography Wall Art

This alphabet typography wall art is 100% customizable for your baby, toddler, or young child's room.  Just let me know the color scheme you are working with (or, better yet, mail me fabric swatches like Tiffany did!), and I will personalize this large (26x30 or 30x40) piece for your little munchkin.

The stripe pattern is painted using acrylics, and the wood letters are painted and strongly secured ontop of the canvas using clear wood glue.
This is now up for sale at Sweetish Baby's Etsy shop!



I just had to share this website that my sweet friend Ella at Cookin' Up Trouble found.  Create-Your-Own Fabric!  SHUT UP!  Check it out at Spoonflower.

Liz Marie Blog Giveaway!

We are going to be participating in a give-a-way on the Liz Marie Blog to celebrate her 2,000th follower!!!  I couldn't decide on the Interchangeable Tie Onesies or the Pop Art Lips- so I let her decide.  She thought her followers might be more Interchangeable Tie Hungry.  :)  So, although she's reached her goal- hop on over and follow her!  She's so crafty, creative, and has mad style. 

The give-a-way will be next week.  In order to be eligible, jump over and LIKE us at Facebook, too!!


Interchangeable Tie Onesies = ITO

The ITOs are ready!  Go to our Etsy shop to see more varieties of fabric and personalization.  
How do I look??

For $20, you receive a onesie and three interchangeable ties in the fabric and personalization of your choice!

Backed with satin, just like Daddy's.  :)

Interchangeable Tie Onesie

I am SO excited about our next item to go up for sale!  I haven't perfected it yet, and have a few more ties to make out of some to-die-for fabric (think: Mad Men)... but I had to post this sneak peak of our latest creation: interchangeable tie onesies!  There is velcro sewn onto the onesie and each tie, so your little man can change it up depending on his (and your!) mood.


New Blankies Up!

MorMor has been busy!  There are new blankets for sale @  Check them out!  (More pictures at that site)
All of these have a ribbon end left out of the blanky to be made into a pacifier clip.

Cutest little feet that I ever did see!  :)


Pop Art Wall Decor

These retro pop-art acrylic paintings (with a little glitter sprinkled in) went up for sale @ this week! Need different colors?  Or different words?  Convo me on Etsy and we'll work it out.  I've got a few more in the works that I will post soon! 


Dala Horse Baby Toy

Well, what a happy accident!  Sweetish Baby is based on Swedish-inspired baby items (mostly the modern design that the Swedes are known for)... But today I was perusing the internet for some inspiration, and came acoss a blog post that that I had to share!  Click HERE to see what I'm talking about...  :)  I think I'll take this as a good omen. 



Business Card

These are our business cards- you will receive a few with your order.  If you are a satisfied customer, please pass them on to your friends and family!  Just another insight "behind the scenes"...