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My Desperate Sewing Room.

Ugh, my sewing room needs a make-over!  Since I'm pretty new to this whole sewing thing, I'm currently using our home office (especially because my machine hooks up to the computer for most of the fonts that I use for monogramming and appliqueing, etc)- which was already boring in the first place.  Now it's just intolerably cluttered (which is NOT like me) and boring. 
Have a look-
 I re-did our master bedroom this summer (see the finished product HERE)... and I think I shall move this sewing room to the top of my wish list of rooms to re-vamp.  This eHow article provides several useful tips in utilizing every square inch in small spaces (ie: half of a home office!)

And, while we're at it- here are some inspiration pictures I'm feelin'-
Now THIS is organized!

So fresh feeling.

If nothing else, I WILL create this pegboard. 

Another awesome pegboard. 

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