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Interchangeable Tie Onesies = ITO

The ITOs are ready!  Go to our Etsy shop to see more varieties of fabric and personalization.  
How do I look??

For $20, you receive a onesie and three interchangeable ties in the fabric and personalization of your choice!

Backed with satin, just like Daddy's.  :)

Interchangeable Tie Onesie

I am SO excited about our next item to go up for sale!  I haven't perfected it yet, and have a few more ties to make out of some to-die-for fabric (think: Mad Men)... but I had to post this sneak peak of our latest creation: interchangeable tie onesies!  There is velcro sewn onto the onesie and each tie, so your little man can change it up depending on his (and your!) mood.


New Blankies Up!

MorMor has been busy!  There are new blankets for sale @  Check them out!  (More pictures at that site)
All of these have a ribbon end left out of the blanky to be made into a pacifier clip.

Cutest little feet that I ever did see!  :)


Pop Art Wall Decor

These retro pop-art acrylic paintings (with a little glitter sprinkled in) went up for sale @ this week! Need different colors?  Or different words?  Convo me on Etsy and we'll work it out.  I've got a few more in the works that I will post soon! 


Dala Horse Baby Toy

Well, what a happy accident!  Sweetish Baby is based on Swedish-inspired baby items (mostly the modern design that the Swedes are known for)... But today I was perusing the internet for some inspiration, and came acoss a blog post that that I had to share!  Click HERE to see what I'm talking about...  :)  I think I'll take this as a good omen. 



Business Card

These are our business cards- you will receive a few with your order.  If you are a satisfied customer, please pass them on to your friends and family!  Just another insight "behind the scenes"... 

Meet Sweetish Baby

I am always curious about the brains and brawn of these artsy-crafty-online-boutiques.  Maybe that's just my nosey nature.  Or my desire to live vicariously through those more creative, entrepreneurial, go-getter types.  Not that I'm claiming to be any of those adjectives- you know what I mean.

So, here we are!  The brains and brawn.  My Swedish grandma (Marilyn Mobley, or "MorMor") is mostly the brains AND the brawn.  I'm just kind of her liason to the modern world of technology.  Her marketing department.  But I vow to you I will one day be pumping things out of a sewing machine at the speed of light! 
Dancing with my Little Man, Dax.
MorMor and Dax relaxing on the porch- with one of his loveys.  :)
And since my 2 year old daughter is unable to sit still long enough for a decent picture of either of us with her to exist, here are a few of her flying solo: (I can't leave her off of the blog!)
My sweet Ada Grace.
I adore this little beach babe.



That means Welcome in Swedish...

Well, here we are.  Another blog, another dollar!  My grandma and I have recently begun an Etsy shop ( - check it out!)- and I have decided to go ahead and claim a few more millipieces of the world wide web for our blog.  Here's our mission statement- created on a whim for our Etsy account profile:

"Born from a love of all things sweet and all things baby, Sweetish Baby was created by a girl and her Swedish MorMor.  We specialize in deliciously cozy baby accessories hand made in contemporary designs and stimulating textures."

That just about sums us up!  Since I'm a major proponent of photo-blogging (I just made that term up), here is a picture of our first item for sale- created originally for my 4 month old son, Dax.

We have many more items in the works- my mind is going a million miles a minute with adorable creations just waiting to come to life.

And here is the sewing/embroidery machine I am planning on  purchasing... as soon as my grandma shares her secrets and teaches me to sew!  :)