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That means Welcome in Swedish...

Well, here we are.  Another blog, another dollar!  My grandma and I have recently begun an Etsy shop ( - check it out!)- and I have decided to go ahead and claim a few more millipieces of the world wide web for our blog.  Here's our mission statement- created on a whim for our Etsy account profile:

"Born from a love of all things sweet and all things baby, Sweetish Baby was created by a girl and her Swedish MorMor.  We specialize in deliciously cozy baby accessories hand made in contemporary designs and stimulating textures."

That just about sums us up!  Since I'm a major proponent of photo-blogging (I just made that term up), here is a picture of our first item for sale- created originally for my 4 month old son, Dax.

We have many more items in the works- my mind is going a million miles a minute with adorable creations just waiting to come to life.

And here is the sewing/embroidery machine I am planning on  purchasing... as soon as my grandma shares her secrets and teaches me to sew!  :)

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