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Meet Sweetish Baby

I am always curious about the brains and brawn of these artsy-crafty-online-boutiques.  Maybe that's just my nosey nature.  Or my desire to live vicariously through those more creative, entrepreneurial, go-getter types.  Not that I'm claiming to be any of those adjectives- you know what I mean.

So, here we are!  The brains and brawn.  My Swedish grandma (Marilyn Mobley, or "MorMor") is mostly the brains AND the brawn.  I'm just kind of her liason to the modern world of technology.  Her marketing department.  But I vow to you I will one day be pumping things out of a sewing machine at the speed of light! 
Dancing with my Little Man, Dax.
MorMor and Dax relaxing on the porch- with one of his loveys.  :)
And since my 2 year old daughter is unable to sit still long enough for a decent picture of either of us with her to exist, here are a few of her flying solo: (I can't leave her off of the blog!)
My sweet Ada Grace.
I adore this little beach babe.

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  1. I love that you have such a good relationship with your grandma :) You have darling kids and I love the colors of your blog. Thanks for linking up!!!